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The time is right for ordinary people to seize the initiative and begin to build a more democratic future for themselves, their communities, their towns and cities.

Scotland’s referendum showed that, given half a chance, millions will grab at an opportunity to reshape democracy when it affects their lives. Innovative and creative forms of participation used in the campaign exposed the UK’s hollowed-out democratic process.

Our votes count for less and less. The majority feel powerless and are effectively disenfranchised. Vast numbers all over the UK are alienated from a political system which is:

The Levellers and Diggers of the English Revolution, pioneering trade unionists, the Chartists and the Suffragettes should inspire us to reclaim democracy for the people.

We believe that Agreements of the People in each part of the UK, founded on new political, social, economic, legal and ecological rights, are a positive way forward.

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